Design Services

At Elite Home, we are dedicated to crafting unique and imaginative design concepts for our clients. Below is an outline of our process, which illustrates our steps for each design project.


During our initial session, we will examine the specifics of your project, including scope, budget, timeline, and objectives. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how you want to use each room and how we can use your space most efficiently. Our team will then create a plan that maximizes your existing space.

On-Site Measurements

After our introductory consultation, our team will take detailed on-site measurements and photographs so we can accurately map out your space to create a detailed, personalized plan for achieving the results you envision.

Space Planning

After taking all the measurements, the next step is to draw floor plans for each area. These will provide a visual representation of the available space, enabling us to determine the ideal size and configuration of furniture items for any given room. 

Design Project

Once we finish the space planning, we’ll create a design concept, detailed drawings, and comprehensive plans. This process involves specifying furniture, lighting fixtures, and materials—including custom-designed furniture and built-ins. Additionally, our team will help you select finishes and materials for each piece.

Project Presentation

After discussing the design in detail, our team will present drawings, fabrics, photos, samples, and several 3D renderings and alternative options for all elements of your design. Afterward, we will put together a custom-designed plan that caters to your tastes.


Once the details of your project have been finalized, we will provide a comprehensive proposal along with itemized invoices that include delivery and installation costs.

Installation & Accessorizing

Our team will ensure that all built-ins, furniture, lights, and fixtures are installed and fully taken care of. We’ll also provide a selection of accessories to complete the space’s look, including artwork, lamps, throws, vases, and much more. 

Refinement List

After we finalize the installation, we’ll assemble an organized list of all the minor details that still need to be taken care of and will promptly tackle each item. After this, the project can be deemed a success!

Ready to get your design project started?

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